Custom House Number Signs

Customized House Address Plaques and Signs For Your Home or Business

Address Signs and Plaques for Your Home

Decorate your home with personalized house address plaques sand-carved from ancient slate. All our work is guaranteed and quality unsurpassed. Starting from $99.00, all our signs are custom made and will add long-lasting beauty to your home.

See the beautiful house address signs we have made in our House Number Gallery or design your own sign today using our popular Sign Selector.

We offer over 100 stunning sign designs ready to be personalized with your message at no extra charge! These hand-cut, sand-carved signs are going to make your house stand out among the rest! Our signs come in three different sizes and shapes that can be flat mounted to a wall or drilled for hanging.
smaller house number signs

Our Most Popular House Address Sign

9 1/4" x 13" Oval - Our most popular shape and size for a house number sign. Looks great beside your main door, under a porch light, at the end of your driveway, or above your single or double car garage. Our full range of slate colors is always available. Standard Oval Regular Signs are far from the "normal" house address signs and plaques - exquisite workmanship and attention to detail will satisfy even the most discriminating owner. Select from Small Oval Deluxe and Small Oval Regular models - starting at just $99.00!

large oval house number sign

Perfect Sign For Longer House Numbers

12" x 24" Oval - Is our most popular large sign. It was originally introduced to meet the demand from customers requesting a house number sign that was in proper proportion to go above a three-car garage. The space taken up by the outer ring dictates that the lettering will be slightly smaller than in the regular version but this is such a minor difference it should not influence your decision. Due to the difficulties in obtaining such large pieces, we regret that not all our slate colors are available for this size. However, we usually have stock on black, green, and sometimes gray. If you desire a large classic house sign, and you've got the space for it, this could be your best choice. Read more on the beautiful Large Oval Deluxe signs or Large Oval Regular signs.

rectangular house number sign

Rectangular House Signs

10" x 13" Rectangle - This sign outsells it's regular counterpart for reasons that are not quite clear to us. It could be that with so many homeowners moving into new subdivisions with homes that are so similar, sometimes it's only the house address sign that sets them apart! Customers tell us they like the fact that this sign looks more modern and different than the other signs. The rectangular shape offers more surface area than a comparable oval and, since the text need not be arced, the letters and numbers can be carved larger. All slate colors are available. Choose from our Deluxe Rectangle sign or the Regular Rectangle model.

Other Specialty Slate Signs

Our signs also make perfect gifts for new home owners, newlyweds, cottage and wine cellar owners - our signs can be customized for any occasion worth carving into a stone that is millions of years old. Take a look!

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