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Smaller Deluxe Oval House Signs

Background is carved as well as the outer ring. Lettering is raised above the background. Carved areas will be painted - lettering & numbers will be natural stone. Check out the many signs we have made in our gallery!

Design of your Sign:

Each sign is individually designed to look it's best. This means your sign truly is custom.
Changes to number height and spacing, without restriction to "standard" number heights, is done without charge. As we do not charge by the letter or number, we can carve what you want with no additional charge.
Simply select the style you want and tell us what you want on it. Number, Name, Scroll... whatever fits!

Price: $159.00
+ shipping + applicable taxes (in Canada only)

Click on the samples from our gallery or see a new set of samples!

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As we do not charge by the letter, number, or scroll, sometimes customers get a little carried away and end up requesting a very busy and not too legible sign. We want to please you, but we also feel that a sign that can't be read is a waste of your money.

Take the signs on the right - clear and legible, with big house numbers. Carved and painted, your sign is sure to stand out from all the others (the pizza delivery guy will also be thankful)!

The Rectangular Deluxe sign also makes an exquisite gift. If you're thinking about a long-lasting and always appreciated gift, your search is over!

Choose a sign style you like and order today - you will have a chance to personalize your sign with what you like.. Remember, we don't charge extra for additional lettering!
Popular Options:

23Kt. Gold Number (add $35)

Want your sign to be even more unique and eye catching? Why not have your house number hand gilded in Genuine 23 kt. Yellow Gold and burnished to a stunning finish? This is not paint - it is real gold!
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Night Vision (add $15)

Night Vision is particularly effective when your sign has exposure to oncoming headlights or a street light across the road. It is a popular choice on Cottage Signs and an absolute necessity in areas that require 911 numbering at the roadside. Imagine driving down that dark road and all of a sudden, from 550' away, you see your sign light up!
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Hand Cast Bronze Rosettes: (add $20)

You may prefer these Beautiful Hand Cast Bronze Rosettes. This two part mounting system is made for us by the same foundry that supplies the Baseball Hall of Fame with their famous bronze plaques. The quality and finish is unsurpassed and well worth the cost of $20.
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Choice of Slate and Paint Colors:
Black, Green, Burgundy, Grey, Variegated, Red, Mottled Black.
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Also in this section - Other Sign and Number Styles for Your Home

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